Travel to China

We can help you arrange you trip to China, including air ticket, hotel, transportation between airport and hotel and more.

Visas and immigration

We can help you immigrate from China to the United States, or apply for a passport or visa to China.

Filing taxes

Every year, tax time means a lot of work (maybe headache) for a person or a company. We can help you relieve that burden.

Financial aid

If you need money for your college student, we can help you apply for certain financial aid. Please contact us for the details.

Purchasing personal insurance

Need life insurance? We can help.

Services for retirees

If you would like to retire to China, including going through retirement procedures, going to nursing home in China, we can help you.

Financial services

Taking loans

Sending money to China

Investment in business or real estate

Education services

Learning Chinese

Studying in China

Cultural exchange

Event planning

Organizing cultural and sports activities in Chinese community

Organizing Chinese New Year's Banquet

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